Rug progress


Three quarters done. See that ball there? That’s all I have left to knit. Foot included for scale.

It’s been a busy week! After the knitting on Tuesday, I went to a “Late” at the Science Museum with Ben. That’s where a bunch of trendy 20-somethings quaff wine and play with all the kids’ stuff. Who knew there were so many geeks in disguise? Seriously though it was a fun evening, I forgot my camera but hopefully Ben got some good photos.

Last night was shoe shopping with Raj. I find shoe shopping rather demoralising as I have slightly difficult feet – can’t wear flats, can’t wear anything too high, extremely narrow feet means I usually need an ankle strap on everything… it’s lucky I like Mary Janes really. My old work shoes have stretched out too much to wear any more. So anyway, I settled on a black pair with two inch heels, ankle strap, very similar to a character dance shoe really. Love that dance shoe vibe. Except it’s just dawned on me that I simply could have bought a pair of character shoes and they would be nearly twice as comfortable for nearly half the price. Gah.

Busy weekend ahead – dancing tomorrow night, Fashion Weekend on Sunday, with various comings and goings at the flat as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in some other things as well, like getting a photo of my finished vest!

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