Link dump

Some interesting links I’ve been saving up forever (I’m cleaning up my bookmarks…) Should be something for everyone here!

Hadrian’s Wall secures Lottery funding. Hurrah! This means more items on display at Vindolanda. Vindolanda is already incredible, so I can’t wait to see what they do. Maybe it will even speed up the excavations – the site is so large the excavations are estimated to take another 200 years. I’m really crossing my fingers I get to help excavate next year!

Should we all move to New Zealand? Maybe not. See above.

The man who reads dictionaries. Bet he’s good at Scrabble. There’s a cool list of his favourite words, including “secretary” (one who is privy to a secret. I’ve just been watching Mad Men. It’s apt.) There’s also “philodox” – one who is in love with his own opinion. I’ll stash that away to use on Jason one day.

Folksy. It’s like the UK version of Etsy. (Ping Karen!)
It’s new so still quite small but so far I’m loving it. My picks:
Sea urchin pendant
Big breakfast tea towel

Offset your carbon and help some kids in Kenya grow mangoes

Hans Rosling: Debunking third world myths over at Ted Talks

Janna van Hasselt, my good friend and incredibly talented artist (I want one of her badges!)

Top ten reasons not to have a job, and ten reasons you should never have a job

I still have a heck of a lot of links bookmarked, so stay tuned…

I probably won’t post again before the weekend now. I’m off to Budapest on Friday to visit the lovely Simon. Definitely looking forward to it, and I will return with many pictures! (that reminds me, I will recharge my camera batteries now)


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