Return to Borough Market

I try to go to Borough Market at least once every season.  I love the changing seasons (except perhaps the change from autumn to winter!) and the different foods available at the market throughot the year.  This time there were late summer’s tomatoes, aubergines, all manner of pumpkins and squash, leeks, mmm!

I took a photographer along with me this time – photo credit for this post goes to Ben.  Here are some of his snaps:

Still tomato season!

Everyone else in London loves Borough too… (can you see me in the photo?)

Sampling the wares!

A parochial fish. Right after Ben took this photo a woman spilled mulled wine all over my handknit coat (remember Flicka?) Luckily the woman had a lot of tissues… no permanent damage done but it was a scary moment!


5 thoughts on “Return to Borough Market

  1. Sarah, I meant the technical quality like the blurry background, very sharp foreground and the vibrant colours, I was puzzled at first how on earth you’d managed getting such a photo with your little camera…

  2. Yep I can see you – spotted your rosie-red beret in the front of the pic. Obviously you made another one after you “lost” yours on the tube.

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