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10102008116, originally uploaded by fingerstoes.

i’m at the airport on my way back to london and managed to pick up some free wireless on my phone. This is a photo i took the last time i was here, on friday. You may not be able to tell as this is as close as i could get, but that is air force one you are looking at there. There was a nato meeting here last week. I saw the plane on the tarmac after we landed, surrounded by men in black. After picking up my bag i headed up to the observation deck to get a photo but not surprisingly it was closed. Wary of getting my camera out with the place crawling with security men i managed to kinnear this one with my phone instead. And live to tell the tale! I’ve had a great time in budapest and i can’t wait to post all of my other photos, which are currently stuck on my camera until i get home. Until then!


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