Budapest, Day One


Simon took me to eat the best gelato ever – they make it in the shape of a flower! Awesome. Also, they cost the equivalent of about £1. For that price I think I would eat it every day if I lived there! Please note that it was definitely ice cream weather.

We also went to the market, which was designed by Gustav Eiffel:


There were a lot of souvenirs upstairs and I bought a few Christmas decorations for my collection. Downstairs were the vegetables and some meat, and quite a lot of paprika stalls!

Seasonal vegetables were very much in evidence.



I bought some paprika and some saffron. Saffron came in quantities from 5 grams to 20 grams, but even 5 grams was more than I’d ever seen before in one place! Anyway, my 5 grams of saffron is apparently worth more than 5 grams of gold.


4 thoughts on “Budapest, Day One

  1. Dear Simon it must be a decade or so since I saw you at school but I would have still recognised you. So happy to hear that you are prospering and enjoying life.

  2. Hey Budapest Agent: The ice cream store is part of a cafe opposite the main enterence of Szent Istvan Basilica, on the southern side of the square. There is a large sign with a picture of an ice cream flower, but sorry, I can’t remember the name.

    Pauline: Oh hello! Sarah told me that you too are prospering and enjoying your time at Mairehau. Your daughter was a most gracious house guest, you and your husband can pat yourselves on the back 🙂

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