Budapest Day Three

Sunday started with palacinka (pancakes) in a square on the opposite side of the river from Parliament. Then is was off to the Rudas Baths, a bath house built by the Turks in 1550. It has a domed ceiling with coloured glass in it and feels quite magical inside!

I decided to get a massage, as a half-hour massage cost the equivalent of about £15. It was one of the most interesting massages I’ve had! The masseur was a half-naked, fat, blind Hungarian man. It was a pretty good massage though, if a little painful at times!

Afterwards Simon and I alternated between the steam room, sauna, hot pool (42 degrees), cold pool (28) and the warm central pool. The waters definitely felt healing.

Sunday evening we were invited to have Canadian Thanksgiving with some of Simon’s workmates. We couldn’t go along empty handed so we got a bit ambitious and decided to make pavlova. With only a hand whisk! Finding ingredients also proved to be a bit difficult as we had no idea what the Hungarian for cream of tartar or cornflour were so they kind of just got left out… and then the oven was far too hot… but lo! We ended up with something resembling pavlova:


(it was at this point I had a near-irresistable urge to shove the pavlova into Simon’s face – after we’d spent the entire afternoon making it!)

And just to prove it was edible:


2 thoughts on “Budapest Day Three

  1. Very creative and definitely legendary kiwi No8 wire skills to fore to produce such a good job without the required ingredients! However proof of edibility would perhaps have been more convincing if other than producers were seen eating it – or was it too good to share!

  2. Argh! What is my hair doing in that first photo???!!!

    Hehe – other people did in fact eat the pav (actually, just last night Marian (one of the Spanish teachers) said that it had tasted quite good). Once more photos find their way onto facebook, I’ll be sure to let you both know.

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