Budapest Day Two

On Ysolda’s tip, we managed to find a great wee boutique selling clothes by young Hungarian designers. It really made me think of Hilaire as it was full of stuff she’d love, shirtdresses, quirky detailing, recycled jewellery and accessories. I ended up buying a tshirt with birds and trees on it.

Then we had a bit of a wild goose chase around town trying to find somewhere to eat Lángos. We didn’t manage to but we got to see some of the city anyway, including City Park, which has a lovely fairytale castle in it:


City Park was next to Heroes Square:


Then it was back across to Buda and up Castle Hill.


The view from the hill was lovely:


We then descended into the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a network of cellars and caves under the castle. I sort of expected more history, but instead there are a bunch of dimly lit art installations. Cool all the same.

Afterwards we headed towards the Castle, where they were having a Pálinka and sausage festival. Pálinka is a type of brandy made from all kinds of fruits. We discovered it doesn’t really matter what type of fruit it’s made from as you can barely taste the flavour, just the burning alcoholic sensation! The honey Pálinka was quite good though. We also learned an old Hungarian saying: “Little talk and a long sausage will do you good”. Hmm!



After our aperatifs and with neither of us eating sausages it was time for dinner. We tried out a vegetarian restaurant, Napfenyes Izek, which serves some traditional Hungarian dishes. Not bad!


After dinner it was back across the bridge to Buda, and good night.



2 thoughts on “Budapest Day Two

  1. Yeah Sarah – you keep wanting a new camera, but your current one takes amazing pics!

    (translation: I will take your old camera once you buy a new one)

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