Final day in Budapest

Well on my last day in Budapest Simon went off to work while I got to explore on my own.  It was another beautiful, if slightly hazy, day:


I headed for the Terror House, completely forgetting that it was a Monday and museums don’t tend to open on Mondays. So I ended up sitting on a park bench on Margrit Island in the middle of the Danube, reading my book and playing with all of the settings on my camera.


You can’t really tell on this one but I have enhanced the red (using my camera, I’m too dense to use Photoshop) but I actually feel the finished result more accurately portrays what my eyes could see, than when I took a photo without any enhancement. Everything was so wonderfully autumnal and I loved the yellow of the leaves, the red of the park benches and the blue of the Danube and the sky!


I can’t remember if I used macro on this or not. I suspect not. This was using aperture priority mode, which is a nice way to have some control without going fully manual.

All this photo-geekery is basically Sarah-speak for “I need a digi SLR, stat!” I’ve worked out that if I save hard enough I can probably buy one by the time I go to NZ for Christmas (or in duty free on the way or after I get there, I’ve been pricing and buying in NZ is possibly cheaper… or I could be extra good and wait for the Christmas sales – do SLRs get cheaper after Christmas?) Then maybe by next Christmas I will have saved up enough for a lens… extra memory cards… camera bag… filters…

(ps, the camera I linked to above is the current frontrunner simply because I love my Canon, but any advice would be gratefully accepted. On lenses too please.)

Anyway I digress! A final word on Budapest before I go. I just wanted to say Simon is the sweetest host anyone could hope for – he looked after me so well and it was just lovely to see him, meet his friends and see how well he’s doing! There is nothing more pleasurable than catching up with a good friend after a long absence and seeing him or her happy. I’m looking forward to doing some more of that when I’m in Christchurch in January!

2 thoughts on “Final day in Budapest

  1. Great photos obviously another must see place for me – one day. On the camera issues – the only problem with the camera you are thinking about is size – and size really does matter when you have to lug them around! If you can’t put them in your handbag you miss great photo opps – that’s my experience anyway.

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