The week in (crappy mobile phone) pictures

I’ve just cleared my phone of pictures, which has reminded me of some of the things I’ve done in the past week. There was Ethiopian food with my new flatmate Kashmira:


(I think I have a new favourite cuisine – it was amazing)

Then Charlotte’s hen night:


Although it’s only a crappy camera phone pic, I kind of like this picture I took of the London Eye and Big Ben:


I took it on the way to the Rankin exhibition outside the National Theatre (another of my favourite London landmarks). Rankin went to a refugee camp in the Eastern Congo to take photos of the people there in his trademark style, against a white background. He says he wanted to take the photos in a way that gave the people dignity, and showed them in a positive way, while also telling their stories. It was incredibly effective. What has been happening in the Congo for years now is incredibly sad and this is helping to focus more attention on the situation. Who knows what will happen but I hope these people get to go home one day.


Some links on the exhibition:

And here are some of the photos:


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