From Virgin…


to whore….


in the space of one short week!

The Virgin Mary photo was from Shoot Brixton last weekend and was our answer to “Where God is a DJ and clubbers go straight to heaven”. There’s a club called Mass in the background – the club is in the basement of a church.

The other photo is from Rockabaret at Sin, where Vicky had her birthday party on Saturday. Dressing up was obligatory which made for a very cool evening. More photos up on flickr – check the sidebar.

The rest of my weekend was pretty busy too. I met up with Andrew on Friday morning (I had the day off) and took him to my favourite place, the Borough Market and then for a wander down the river to the Tate Modern, and across the wobbly bridge to St Paul’s. It was a stunning day, perhaps the last for some time.


I know I post too many pictures of fruit and vegetables but the arrangements at Borough are a work of art!




One thought on “From Virgin…

  1. And it was lovely catching up with you. Gawd there’s a lot of mud here in Llanfyllin. Sitting here in my gumboots which are a requirement for getting about.

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