Unselfish knitting

I have been very unselfish about my knitting lately. Apart from a couple of projects I can’t share yet, I agreed to knit my friend Katherine a hat from my High Street Hat pattern (Ravelry link; I’ll updated the picture once I get my profile linked to my designer page), and I took the opportunity to update the pattern as well. I think it’s a lot better now and I want to knit myself another!

Here is Kashmira (not Katherine, she doesn’t want to be famous!) modelling the hat:



It looks so good on her I think I’ll have to knit her one too, right? I do love hat knitting, as long as you don’t run into any trouble (as I was modifying this one I did start it three times and rip back sections) it only takes a couple of hours per hat.

On the other hand, this is how much scarf I can get done in a couple of hours:


Five measly inches. I’ve not knit many scarves before and I don’t know how you people do it. This one is for Steph and will have a hood. It’s a bit of a long-haul project, I fear. It’ll be just as boring for you folks because not only is it neverending, the dark colour is also extremely difficult to photograph!

For myself, I have yarn for Chantal. Call it my reward yarn for when all of this other knitting gets done! I bought the yarn for Chantal and the scarf from New Lanark. New Lanark was built as a model industrial town in 1875, and we actually studied it at university. When I found out that it still existed and actually sells yarn, I couldn’t resist. The colours are stunning too, and the yarn is cheap and organic (although definitely “woolly” – it’s Scotch wool, not cashmere!). I really must go there one day. Luckily for me the yarn also comes in Aran and DK, the two weights needed for Chantal. Stay tuned.


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