I’m desperately trying to save money at the moment, what with an expensive overseas trip coming up! (well, the trip itself won’t cost that much but the fact that I’m taking unpaid leave for a month will)

However, I remembered today that I had some credit sitting in my Kiva account from my last loan, to a women’s craft group in Uganda. Instead of letting it sit there I figured I should top it up to the minimum loan amount and lend it out again. I think that’s what I’ll do every time I receive a repayment. It’s only a little bit of money at a time for me but eventually I’ll be lending a lot!

I’ve decided to focus my loans on women and particularly in Africa. However today I was browsing through and the very first loan request on the site was for Julius Muuambi Mutua, in Kenya. He is a registered nurse with a clinic he wants to expand, and needs instruments in order to help women who have suffered health problems from illicit abortions. A worthy cause! The loan was a bit riskier than my last as there have been problems with some field partners in Kenya and this particular field partner has a high risk rating, but it’s not much money I’m investing here and like all investments I’ve weighed up the risk and am willing to lose my money if it doesn’t work out.

I really just wanted to point everyone in the direction of the site again. Kiva and its field partners are making such an enormous difference to so many people’s lives. The minimum loan amount you can make is $US25 which is nothing to us but combine it with money lent by other people around the world and it really does make a difference.


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