Christmas tree time!

Ok, usually I wouldn’t put my tree up until December, but a) I’m leaving on the 20th, and b) I’m going to have to take my tree down a long time before then, probably some time next week, to make room for a guest and then to start packing.

Here’s a photo of my tree with explanations of where all the decorations come from. Well, some of the decorations anyway. There are a lot more, including a whole Nativity set of ornaments from Prague that there simply isn’t room for on my tiny tree.

I try to buy at least one Christmas decoration from everywhere I go, not because I’m religious (I’m not) but because they’re pretty, and make for good souvenirs, and I like handcrafted things so try to buy as many as possible (but I don’t like too many knick-knacks cluttering up the place so bringing them all out once a year is perfect!). This doesn’t always work as not everywhere sells Christmas decorations year-round. It was impossible to find any in France or Switzerland, and the only ones I found in Belgium were from Germany, which defeats the point.



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