From Virgin…


to whore….


in the space of one short week!

The Virgin Mary photo was from Shoot Brixton last weekend and was our answer to “Where God is a DJ and clubbers go straight to heaven”. There’s a club called Mass in the background – the club is in the basement of a church.

The other photo is from Rockabaret at Sin, where Vicky had her birthday party on Saturday. Dressing up was obligatory which made for a very cool evening. More photos up on flickr – check the sidebar.

The rest of my weekend was pretty busy too. I met up with Andrew on Friday morning (I had the day off) and took him to my favourite place, the Borough Market and then for a wander down the river to the Tate Modern, and across the wobbly bridge to St Paul’s. It was a stunning day, perhaps the last for some time.


I know I post too many pictures of fruit and vegetables but the arrangements at Borough are a work of art!




Shoot Brixton

Yesterday Ben, Kashmira and I took part in something very cool – a photographic treasure hunt around Brixton.

39 teams had five hours to solve 9 clues and take pictures of the results, with emphasis on finding the most clever, interesting and funny way of solving the clues.

Our photos are up on flickr, taken with Ben’s camera not mine as he has a couple of lenses and a flash (I’ll get there eventually!)

It was a lot of fun and we have learned a lot for next time (like it pays to have access to costumes, props, chalk, and do a lot more research beforehand), which unfortunately isn’t until March! We are already raring to go.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

So this is where the training wheels came off. I’m currently on Chapter 2 of the Canon 450 for Dummies book (yes, it is a real book and yes, I did buy it), which is about the automatic modes, so I hadn’t even read up on what button does what in manual. But turns out, if you fiddle around it’s easy enough to figure out.

I spent the fireworks display fiddling around with ISO, aperture and shutter settings to see what I liked best. I probably took about a hundred photos on continuous shooting mode, but here are a couple of my favourites:



Knitted underwear

Yes, it’s finally happened. I’ve tried knitting everything else – socks, gloves, slippers, hats, sweaters, blankets, scarves, etc… there was only one thing left to try: underpants! Then I saw Marnie’s Assets of Evo pattern and had to try it.


I didn’t do the embroidery. I tried, but it just wasn’t looking very good! Modelled shot to come, perhaps… At any rate I’m really happy with them, they fit very well and are so comfy! Bit cold for shorts at the moment though, I’m thinking they’ll be good for between season sleepwear.

I’ve been holding out on you…

You see, on Friday I caved and ordered my new camera, a Canon 450D. And on Saturday it arrived! Then it poured with rain all day and there was nothing to take photos of. I’ve been gradually getting used to it during the week though and tonight I took the training wheels off and used it in full manual mode for the first time! But more on that later. First you get a photo I took of my lovely flatmate Kashmira:


Isn’t she beautiful? (and pink?)

I also sort of ran a dorky competition on facebook to come up with a name for my camera. So now thanks to Ben it is called Henri, after Henri Cartier-Bresson. Awesome idea.

I promised a photo to the winner so Ben gets some pudding:


(yeah, I could have stuffed around getting the lighting right but my pudding would have gone cold!)

Um, sorry you didn’t get to actually eat any, Ben.

Another Rangi reunion!

This time to meet up with Julia, who was passing through and who I haven’t seen for many years. Everyone’s always just the same though. Just… way more grown up!


From left to right, that’s Candice, Katherine, me, Helen and Julia.