Right! It’s taken about 4 days to upload these photos on my parents’ dodgy country internet connection, but I can finally bring you Tokyo!

Wow. But where to start? Tokyo is the world’s largest city, with over 32 million inhabitants. The next biggest city I’ve been to is New York with 19 million. Trust me, that’s a big difference. Tokyo felt BIG. But I love big cities, and I LOVED Tokyo. We only had one night there but I already have plans to go back!





On the second day we went to the Meiji Jingu shrine, which was lovely. It’s set in a forest of 100,000 trees from around Japan and the world, and it felt completely removed from the city.




There were a couple of weddings in progress:




And then we had lunch!


After that it was time to head back to the airport and on to the plane! We flew Virgin Atlantic to Tokyo and Air New Zealand from Tokyo to Christchurch. I was a bit disappointed with Air NZ, it’s been a while since I flew with them and they’ve gone a bit budget. No socks, no eye mask, no pretzels, no ice cream (I was SO hungry! They fed us dinner and then didn’t feed us again for 9 hours, and then they gave me rice for breakfast. I get super grumpy when I haven’t been fed on time).

Anyway, I’ll be back with more when I’ve managed to upload more photos!

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