I caught the Interislander ferry across from Picton to Wellington to spend a couple of days catching up with friends over there, namely Sarah and Hilaire. It was great to see you both!

Wellington is our capital city and a fantastic place. It’s right by the sea and full of galleries, cafes, and is very vibrant and bustling. Unfortunately the weather can be a bit rubbish and horizonal rain is not uncommon. For this reason it is known as the “windy city”. Luckily when I was there the weather was lovely, although I did get a touch of sunstroke (I am not really a hot climate person – I mean look at me!).

Wellington is really impressive on the public art front. Here is an installation-in-progress in the Botanical Gardens:
The artist is collecting doilies from op shops (charity shops) and decorating the tree with them! Bit more about it over on Sarah’s blog.

I also love this Neil Dawson sculpture. Sarah also posted a cool picture of me balancing it on my finger here. The matching tshirt was pure chance! I should also mention that it is from my favourite eco label, People Tree, as are the handwoven cotton trousers.

Gelato on the waterfront from Kaffee Eis – very, VERY good gelato, the best I’ve had in New Zealand and probably the best since Italy. The next day I went back and sampled the gingernut flavour – yum! Note that Sarah and I are camera twins.

Yet more public art – I love this guy.

We headed in to Te Papa, our national museum, to have a look at the colossal squid that was hauled up last year. It wasn’t as colossal as we imagined it to be but it was still pretty neat.

Then we wandered down the waterfront, taking more photos as we went:

and ended up at the Leondardo da Vinci Machines exhibition, which was also very cool. Leonardo was pretty awesome. In Florence I learned that Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Dante, Machiavelli etc all lived together in the Medici’s palace – what a place and time that would have been! Also, there was no love lost between Leonardo and Michaelangelo, two of the greatest geniuses of all time. I think it would be the perfect subject for a trashy airport novel, and I’m just waiting for my retirement to begin. No one steal my idea!

Oh, and this is the view from Sarah’s window:


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