Orana Park

My friend Keri took a couple of days off work to hang out with me, isn’t that lovely of her? She used to volunteer at a wildlife park called Orana Park, and it’s a while since I’ve been so we paid a visit. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about keeping animals in captivity like this but Orana Park gives its animals plenty of space to play around in, and runs several successful breeding programs, which suggests they are doing something right.

Since I was last there they have acquired some gibbons:
They were quite delightfully noisy! You can see in the photo that they are bellowing away.

But my favourite is, and always will be, the giraffes! The best bit is you can feed them yourself!


Here we see the native animal known as the Keri in its natural habitat – cuddling one of its fellow creatures. The Keri is a small and gentle animal, and is extremely loyal to any other animal it considers a friend, especially humans but also lions, tigers, other members of the cat family, dogs, and also whales. The Keri eats a wide and varied diet but is especially fond of chocolate.

I don’t know if you can see from the pictures but I am also wearing my organic cotton giraffe vest top from Belle and Dean. Their clothes feature scientific etching-style prints of endangered animals and plants. They have women’s tshirts and a lot of baby clothes! Despite the UK web address the company is based in Singapore which I did not know when I ordered – this does mean delivery takes a bit longer as I discovered.


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