Tamaki Heritage Village

Back in Christchurch we had my Mum’s birthday to celebrate, so we went to the Tamaki Heritage Village at Ferrymead (a lovely historic recreation of what an early NZ settlement would have looked like).

Basically a bunch of actors re-enacted a story set in 1800s New Zealand, including a full on Maori battle scene:


After the re-enactment we headed to the whare kai (dining hall) where we had a hangi (traditional Maori earth oven-cooked food)! Well, everyone else had hangi, I filled up on the vegetarian alternative and didn’t even have room left for hangi-cooked kumera (sweet potato). I did try the Maori bread though, which was delicious in its unhealthiness. It’s made from a baking powder-leavened dough and deep fried like doughnuts. Mmmmm. Here is a recipe I’ve found. I also tried some Mata beer which I hadn’t heard of before but it was good.

My lovely parents. Mum accidentally let slip when she booked that it was her birthday, so the cast sang Happy Birthday to her in Maori. It was a lovely evening!


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