San Francisco

San Francisco was the last stop on my holiday, on the way back to London.

I’ve always wanted to go there so I’m glad we got the chance. We spent two nights there and managed to do quite a bit. Here are some photos to illustrate!

Did I say San Francisco? I meant Tokyo again! Actually, this was taken in the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park. Which reminds me, I haven’t been to the Japanese garden in Regent’s Park yet. Well, in under a week’s time I’ll be living next to Regent’s Park, so plenty of opportunity then!

Needs no introduction…

We happened to arrive on a rather historic day!

On the second day we went to Alcatraz, where I had a go at taking some artsy-fartsy black and white shots:

A guard tower

The lighthouse

The Warden’s house and lighthouse. I love the aloes on top of the cliff. My parents have big aloes like that in their garden, and they always remind me of the slightly menacing plant in Katherine Mansfield’s “Prelude”. The previous occupants of the island planted whatever would grow in the inhospitable conditions there. I was amused to see a couple of cabbage trees down at the dock.

It was a rather monochromatic day in any case. This is a colour photo:


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