Credit Munch

I just moved into a new flat, and on Tuesday headed out to my new local supermarket to stock up my food cupboard. I’m trying to live fairly frugally and I think I’m doing ok. I did slip up a bit at the get-go when I took a detour to the Stables Market for lunch – gnocchi with tomato cream sauce that tasted like the polystyrene container it came in. However, while I was eating said lunch David Tennant walked past me and made eye contact, which sent me to my happy place for the rest of the day, so it still counts as a win in my book!

Not counting the spices I bought which will last forever, I bought:

Chopped tomatoes x 2 £1.96
Black eyed beans £0.49
Raspberry jam £1.49
Pasta £0.89
Kidney beans £0.52
Quorn mince }
Quorn bacon x 2 } on a special offer, total price £4.38
Grated cheddar £1.84
500g organic butter £2
1 dozen woodland eggs £2.50
Coconut cream £0.84
Tomato paste £0.89 (approx, I bought this elsewhere and can’t remember)
Milk – about 50p
Double cream }
Custard } also from a different shop, both under £1 I think

And from the local veggie stall:
10 potatoes £1
2 leeks £1
6 red onions £1

Total: about £22

Together with my store cupboard ingredients I am hoping to eke these out into many delicious meals.

Meal #1 (and 2, 3, 4 and 5) – Vegetable stew with dumplings
No better food for a snow day! I made this with:
2 red onions
2 potatoes
1 tin kidney beans
1/2 bag quorn mince
leftover pasta sauce
1 tin chopped tomatoes
some leftover red wine
random herbs, black pepper
a teaspoon of Vecon which is like a vitamin supplement in soup stock form, and I add it to everything these days
and topped it with dumplings made with some self raising flour, butter and dried Mediterranean herbs.

Total estimated cost: £3.40


I have eaten this for four meals so far and there is enough left in the pot for a fifth and maybe even a sixth. It was delicious and now I’m a bit sick of stew. Maybe I’ll freeze the rest?

I also made a steamed pudding with some of the jam, some flour, milk, sugar and butter and ate it with custard at a cost of around £2 for 4 servings. That means each of my meals so far have cost less than £2.

I have at least 4 other dishes planned with the rest of this food (and some store cupboard ingredients like rice and lentils), I wonder if you can guess what’s next?


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