Frugal food

I’m still going on the shop I did last week, although I’ve had to buy plenty more milk and I’ve run out of eggs and butter.

Here are two more meals for you:


Leek and quorn bacon quiche, with homemade wholemeal pastry. First time I’ve made pastry in quite a while! Still didn’t cost very much, probably around the £2 a meal mark, although it disappeared very quickly because this is probably my favourite meal. I would have appreciated some greens with it. This week’s grocery shop is definitely going to feature more vegetables.


Mac n cheese with more quorn bacon. Dirt cheap! I would say under £1 per meal. Usually I add broccoli to this but I didn’t have any and nor did any of the shops nearby. Followed up with more pudding, this time made with maple syrup instead of jam, and I must admit I bought some ice cream to go with it. (£2.39, not a good purchase as our fridge/freezer is not very freezy)

Another of my favourite foods coming up in today’s photo upload!


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