Guerilla knitting

Well, I was nearly on Richard and Judy last week. They put out a call for ten knitters, and they were even going to pay us! Getting paid to knit would be like a dream come true, getting paid to knit on the telly? Even better!

And then it turned out they were looking for granny types, not hip young things like us (we’re the epitome of cool, doncha know? Top Shop magazine turned up at Stitch and Bitch this week, we’ve obviously made it).

So anyway, that was a bit disappointing. But then on Friday there was another call put out, for guerilla knitter-types to join Magda from Knitta on a wee jaunt around London to prettify (and subversify) our lovely city. And then it turned out that Magda had been flown over here by none other than Richard and Judy! Apparently they had managed to find three granny knitters, although why they wanted grannies for a piece about guerilla knitting is still a mystery…

Out came the tension swatches, the failed scarves, the acrylic blobs, and squares hastily knitted for the occasion. Then down the South Bank we trooped!

A railing near the skate park under the Royal Festival Hall was the first thing to receive our warm fuzzies:


while Magda gave a bike lock her special attention:


Later, a signpost got the treatment:


Sadly at this point I had to leave, but if you wander around the Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s you may see some other works of art!

It was neat watching people’s reactions to our work, and watching the tourists pose for photos after we were done!

Strangely, on the same day, on the other side of the world, a similar thing was happening… So wherever you are, don’t be surprised if you see a little bit of knitted love on your nearest tree, street sign, or bollard.


2 thoughts on “Guerilla knitting

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