Organic goodness

Yesterday I received my first organic veg box from Riverford Organic.

I have been thinking about getting one for a while but at my old flat delivery was an issue, as the building was difficult to get into and there was no guarantee of anyone being home. That’s what I thought, anyway. Turns out in this area Riverford deliver on Saturdays!

So yesterday the lovely Riverford delivery man Paul turned up on my doorstep with a box bursting full of organic goodies. He was so friendly, too, it felt like a step back in time to when the local greengrocer knew everyone’s name. I’m a sucker for the personal touch. And I love receiving deliveries – it always feels special. He even checked whether 9am was too early to deliver (I’d answered the door in my pjs as I didn’t want to jump in the shower and miss the delivery!). Definitely going to like this scheme. I also love the idea of receiving things I wouldn’t normally buy in the supermarket, because it can be so easy to get into a rut. This way I get fresh seasonal vegetables at their peak, and I get to use my creativity and competitive spirit (must use up veggies before the next box arrives!) to come up with ways to use them all!

As well as some tofu and eggs which I’d ordered seperately, I received the Small Winter Veg box:


The box’s contents were a little different from that promised on the website, which warns that sometimes they have to make last-minute substitutions depending on what is available. Which is fine by me because I rather like surprises. So here we have some chestnut mushrooms and purple sprouting broccoli on top;


and if we delve a little deeper we find a cauliflower, a couple of small but perfectly formed savoy cabbages, a handful of onions, plenty of carrots, a few large parsnips and a massive swede!

Due to the curry being larger than anticipated I still have some other veggies waiting to be used up too! So I already had a massive bag of onions, a bunch of beetroot, some parsnips, leeks and carrots. So this week is going to have to be a vegetable extravaganza.

Woodland eggs were also on offer at Sainsbury’s, so now I had 18 eggs! Rest assured I am not giving them up for Lent so don’t have to use them all up by Tuesday, although pancakes are definitely on the agenda.

So first up, I decided to make a caramelised onion tart. I looked up a recipe on the internet which told me to blind bake my pastry case. Usually I don’t bother and I am regretting it this time, as it came out a bit hard. I was also a bit stingy on the butter. I normally use about 75 grams of butter which makes for a lovely flaky pastry.

The filling, however, was divine:


I cooked the onions in olive oil and a little bit of sugar for as long as I could bear it, about 40 minutes or so I think, over a very low heat. I let them brown a little and spread them over the pastry. I made the custard with four eggs, some milk, a spoonful of wholegrain mustard, a splash of balsamic vinegar, and a few handfuls of grated cheese (sorry, we don’t do precision in my kitchen). Plenty of sea salt and pepper. If I’d had any parmesan I would have grated it on top but another couple of handfuls of cheddar did the trick.

And I ate my tart with some of the broccoli and one of the cabbages:


Yum! What’s up next, I wonder… I see more soups and stews in my near future! But I also have the tofu so I think a stir fry involving mushrooms, broccoli and carrot may be in order.

2 thoughts on “Organic goodness

  1. I get an organic box as well, for the same reasons- I feel great supporting local/organic growers, and it really varies your diet when you don’t get to do all the choosing! Glad you found a winner.

  2. I hopped over to your blog from Wardrobe Refashion. I just subscribed, as I find your posts of interest.
    I’m envious of your veggie box; it reminds me of when I used to live in New York City, and we had a box delivered regularly to our four-floor walk-up!
    Now I’m in Oregon, learning to grow my own food. Due to a harsh winter this year, the only thing left in the garden right now are leeks. But Spring’s just around the corner!
    Mmmm, that onion tart is making me drool!
    See ya around.
    (if you’d like to check out my blog, it’s at )

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