Leeds Castle

I rather randomly got a chance to go to Leeds Castle on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, part of the at least 2-week run of amazingly good weather we have been having lately. So I took my camera with me:


A real moat! It’s really your stereotypical fairytale castle.


With hedge maze! You remind me of the babe…

I think I actually had to get myself deliberately lost to take that photo. The maze was a little easy. For a slightly harder one I recommend the maze at Hampton Court. Unfortunately at Leeds you just have to look at the wear to the ground underfoot. Since everyone will go the right way eventually the path to the middle is clearly more worn than the other paths. Or have I just been watching too much Jonathan Creek?


While I was looking at the caged birds of prey a falconer came and took one of the owls out! I would not want to go near that beak.

Plenty more photos over on Flickr .


Well, the time for Allegra McEvedy’s monthly cookalong rolled around again very quickly! This time I was joined by Jenny, who introduced me to the cookalong in the first place, but who usually does it at her place. Sadly for her, and happily for me, the internet still hasn’t been connected at her new flat, so she came around to cook with me.

We were warned that this time around it would be quite hectic, but unfortunately technical difficulties led to a lot of sitting around hitting reload on our part, while going “hmm, I think that bulgar should probably be taken off the heat now…” To tell you the truth, with both of us quite competent in the kitchen it would have been a cinch without the technical difficulties, so they provided a bit of extra excitement.

The finished result did not suffer (except perhaps for some slightly mushified aubergines):


Spooky scary

Jen, Meg and I took advantage of some lovely weather to take a walk through Brompton Cemetery the other day. We had to share the place with a great many Chelsea fans returning from a game but despite that it was still peaceful. I had had the foresight to pack my camera and had some fun experimenting. Cemeteries, being rather monochromatic, spooky places, lend themselves quite well to black and white:

shadow cross


(this is an example of “breaking the rules”, but I for one happen to like taking photos into the sun)

Despite the grey there were also wonderful flashes of colour, bathed in the spring afternoon light.




Fun fact about Brompton Cemetery that you will already know if you read the Wikipedia article linked above: Beatrix Potter got many of her character names from headstones in the cemetery. I didn’t learn this from Wikipedia but from watching an episode of Antiques Roadshow the other day!

Carrot and lentil soup

I have a glut of carrots to use up – I already had a bag of carrots in the fridge when my first veg box arrived with another bag of carrots. Now I have my second veg box and another bag of carrots! I’ve managed to use up the nonorganic carrots and about half of the first bag of organic carrots. The organic carrots taste fantastic. They are super sweet. The nonorganic carrots had a sort of metallic aftertaste that the organic ones don’t have at all. I think I need to buy a grater so I can make some carrot cake!

Quite a few of the carrots went into this soup: