Leeds Castle

I rather randomly got a chance to go to Leeds Castle on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, part of the at least 2-week run of amazingly good weather we have been having lately. So I took my camera with me:


A real moat! It’s really your stereotypical fairytale castle.


With hedge maze! You remind me of the babe…

I think I actually had to get myself deliberately lost to take that photo. The maze was a little easy. For a slightly harder one I recommend the maze at Hampton Court. Unfortunately at Leeds you just have to look at the wear to the ground underfoot. Since everyone will go the right way eventually the path to the middle is clearly more worn than the other paths. Or have I just been watching too much Jonathan Creek?


While I was looking at the caged birds of prey a falconer came and took one of the owls out! I would not want to go near that beak.

Plenty more photos over on Flickr .


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