Penang Curry

I made this with some veg box leftovers – Swiss chard and cauliflower, as well as some organic ginger I got extra to my box, some cookalong leftovers (chillis, spring onions), and some capsicums that aren’t exactly local or organic – oops. I also used some soya chunks – those dried things you get at the health food shop and which most people seem to turn their noses up at. Reconstituted they have a spongy texture and are perfect for soaking up delicious sauces. I for one really like them! Penang curry is one of my favourite meals ever. Yum!


Speaking of the cookalong I just realised I haven’t blogged it yet! Here’s my concoction:


That picture is currently at the top of the Word of Mouth blog, so my food photography must be improving a little bit! It was a great cookalong, Allegra was lovely going to extra effort making a vegetarian version especially for me despite the fact she had a book deadline the following day. The recipe for spice-rubbed pork escalope with coconutty sweet potatoes (with vegetarian option) is up here. And many thanks also to Rebecca, who joined me in the kitchen!


One thought on “Penang Curry

  1. Followed your link to word of mouth and saw your photo on the blog. Impressive. I enjoy the links you put in the blog take me off to places I wouldn’t normally know about!

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