Marylebone Farmers Market

Yesterday was possibly the most beautiful day I have experienced since moving to London. Sunny, warm, and still. Perfect market weather!

I’d been meaning to go to my local farmer’s market in Marylebone for a while. As I get as many veges as I can eat in my Riverford box, there wasn’t much need for me to go to the market before now. But yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the new season’s vegetables and do some serious cooking.

Marylebone High Street is lovely. It’s got that real villagey feel, if your village is the poshest village on earth that is. The street is full of homewares shops, a charming independent bookshop, health- and natural-food type restaurants, gastropubs, English-rosey-type fashion stores, a lovely church and nice old buildings. And its own Sunday market – who could ever wish for more?

I was impressed by the market. Posh it may be, but it is also a proper farmers market, run by the farmers themselves and full of seasonal and local delights. I will let the photos speak for themselves:


Technicolor tomatoes.



Oysters shucked while you wait.


I ended up with a large quantity of rhubarb, a big bunch of asparagus, a couple of bunches of beetroot, half a dozen eggs, some tomatillos, and a pot of Moroccan mint.

So far some of the rhubarb has become cake, and the rest is shortly going to become chutney and crumble, the beetroot has become four jars of delicious chutney (and kitchen has emerged unscathed and not pink), and the tomatillos have become salsa verde, just waiting to be used up on nachos and eggs and all manner of things that need a bit of extra kick. Ideas welcome – I have a big jar of the stuff and it tastes good.


2 thoughts on “Marylebone Farmers Market

  1. Yum! Next time you get rhubarb, I’d recommend making jam with it – super-delicious, and really easy. Happy to share a recipe if you like.

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