Pizza Quest Part 3

My quest for the perfect homemade pizza continues… You will recall my first attempt was my bog-standard pizza dough recipe. Second attempt was to make a slightly wetter dough and see if that made a difference. It didn’t – it was just a bit difficult to handle. However, after I put the leftover dough in the fridge for a few days it made a very good pizza:


Classic Margherita. Mmm.

I made a third dough a few days later, only this time I had managed to get hold of some Italian Tipo 00 flour. It’s a super-fine flour used for making pasta (and pizza!). The dough I made with this was unbelievably smooth and just a joy to handle. I loved kneading it. It made excellent pizzas, which look exactly like the caramelised onion and goat cheese pizza I made first, so I haven’t taken photos. My friend Kalman who used to work in a pizza joint came over for lunch and gave it his seal of approval. And I have to admit it was definitely the best pizza yet. I’m not sure if it was soo much better that the higher price tag was justified. Organic stoneground flour makes a pretty good base too. I may save the rest of the flour for pasta, as you really cannot substitute another flour when making pasta.

I also persuaded a friend, Judy, to accompany me on an outing to go and eat London’s best pizza at Franco Manca. At Franco Manca they make sourdough pizzas out of mostly organic ingredients, cook them quickly in a woodfired oven, and really it is some good pizza. We also fell in love with the organic lemonade. The food was so good I completely forgot to take photos, although Judy did borrow my camera to “Kinnear” a photo of the diners next to us:


Not bad for a first attempt at Kinnearing, right? It’s pretty hard to be surreptitious with a DSLR.


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