Secret garden

I have a secret. I have been holding out on you for the past few weeks. I have secretly been growing a little garden out on my balcony, and waiting until the time was right to post photos.

It started when I went to the garden centre on Easter weekend. I picked up a couple of window boxes, some compost, and some seed packets. When I say “picked up” I mean “had delivered” – I had left my Oyster card at home and I wasn’t going to be able to carry 60 litres of compost home all by myself. I must admit though, the service at the Camden garden centre is excellent and they did offer to lend me a trolley – I was just put off by the idea of wheeling it all the way back there (a 25 minute walk).

Once I had my compost, I set about sewing my seeds into egg cartons, mushroom boxes, and various other items of discarded packaging. After my seedlings got to about 5cm or so they were transplanted into the windowboxes, which were now making their home on my balcony. I put some of the herbs in little pots on the windowsill too. There they stayed for a few weeks, being bashed about by the wind, until a week or so ago when the sun came out. Then I had some happy vegetables:


Various lettuces, perpetual spinach, and parsley.


Mangetout climbing up the balcony netting. Since it got warm this has just shot up. I love it when I spy a new tendril curled around the netting.


Basil. There’s also some coriander on the windowsill pots.

It’s lovely to be surrounded by so much green, and the lettuce is looking ready to eat. I will report back soon.


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