Fashion show

It’s finally time to reveal the knitting I’ve been working on all these months. Back in February or March I was contacted by a fashion student, Orli, about knitting a jacket for her final show. After the jacket there were trousers, another jacket, a cape with sleeves, and a dress! So as you can imagine it has kept me rather busy.

Last night I went to the fashion show and experienced a real moment of pride as I watched my creations coming down the runway. I now realise why fashion photographers always have about three cameras around their necks – my photos aren’t great as my flash took so long to recharge between each shot so I missed some golden opportunities!

But here they are:





And here’s me and Orli after the show:


7 thoughts on “Fashion show

  1. No wonder you felt proud these garments look absolutely stunning. It’s amazing what you’ve created from the design concepts. Congratulations.

  2. Wow! and I thought my big sister had all the creative talents of the family! Sarah you are so clever and multi talented and I will have to start knitting, cooking and growing stuff now 🙂

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