Nearly time to mange… tout!


First pods!


I love tendrils.

I took these a couple of days ago. The slightly bigger one you see there? Now in my tummy. I’m waiting for the others to get a little bit bigger and then I fear I will be faced with a glut of mangetout – any ideas what I should do with them besides salads and stirfries?


2 thoughts on “Nearly time to mange… tout!

  1. Oooh we’ve been harvesting our sugarsnap peas over the last two weeks – delish!
    I have a new blog post going up tomorrow morning about the scrumptious but simple raw salad I did with them on Sunday!
    We’ve been growing veg for several years but this is the first time we’ve done peas so very exciting.
    We’ve gone for sugarsnaps (which are currently giving good yields) and regular peas (which are flowering but not podding yet).

    • I made the mistake of planting all my mangetout at once so I had a bit of a glut and many of them got too big! I’ve planted just a few more plants now and they’re sprouting, in this weather I expect them to grow very quickly. Love sugarsnaps too.

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