Pop up tea party

On Thursday I went to a pop up 1920s-style tea party in Covent Garden. The party was organised by the Vintage Patisserie and featured waitresses dressed in old-fashioned uniforms, 20s music playing, pearls, feather boas and fans to dress up with, Prosecco drunk out of teacups (actual tea was also an option), and a gypsy fortune teller to read our tea leaves or palms.


The party was set up right in the middle of the food market, it was a hot evening, and the whole thing was excellent fun. Prices were very reasonable too – £5/£8 for tea/a cocktail with a piece of cake, a cup cake, and your fortune told. And let me tell you – the fortune teller was scarily accurate! It was meant to be a one-off event but it looks as though there may be more in the future.


Royal Doulton – I checked.

Service was with a very big smile.  Actually it really was very good.  My friends were running late and I was seated with another girl who was there on her own.  And when the vase on our table blew over and fell onto the milk jug, which fell onto me, someone was there with big handfuls of paper towels almost instantly!  It was so hot though that I dried off in seconds.


Did they really eat cupcakes in the 20s?  Still, the chocolate one was delicious and there wasn’t too much icing.  I still hope the cupcake craze ends soon though.

Apparently I may marry a doctor…

Afterwards I wandered around the market for a bit.  I must remember this market is there as it’s small but really quite good.  I had a nice time chatting to vendors and can report that there is a very good gelato stand there!


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