Post-holiday salad

I have so many photos to share with you all. But first things first. After two weeks of restaurant food I couldn’t wait to get back in the kitchen, but I was also craving fresh, healthy food (especially after a week in Switzerland – so much cheese!).

While I am known for having a bit of salad prejudice this is mainly confined to when I go to a restaurant and am offered a starter salad as their only vegetarian option. In such cases I am often heard to exclaim “salad is not a meal!”

Five salads, however? That can be a meal:


These salads are all very simple, as you can see. They are intended to enhance the flavour of the main ingredient. I was inspired by salads I used to buy at a cafe in Christchurch. The chickpea salad is a recipe from Orangette I had heard about from another blog. It was delicious. The beetroot salad is dressed with yoghurt, garlic, mint and a little vinegar. The tuna salad is again very simple – lots of tuna as I wanted to up the protein content of the meal, some celery, parsley and baby salad leaves from my balcony. The broad beans are skinned and dressed with olive oil, grated lemon rind and salt.

The carrot salad was the most successful. I get a lot of carrots in my veg box and these were left over from the last one. I’m not a huge carrot fan but organic carrots are much nicer than non-organic, which taste slightly metallic to me. The carrots are peeled, then grated, then mixed with a small amount of grated ginger, a splash of rice vinegar and a tiny amount of sesame oil. It’s super-simple but seems to bring out the juicy sweetness of the carrot while giving it a slightly more sophisticated edge. Like I said, I’m not that hot on carrots but I could eat buckets of this stuff. Do tell me if you give it a go – or invite me to a picnic and I’ll bring some along.


3 thoughts on “Post-holiday salad

  1. Grated carrot thing sounds nice. I’m up for as picnic anytime, but it will have to be on the lounge floor as the entire city is soggy.

    • There’s loads of great info out there on the internet. Being strict vegetarian means you may need a little more planning to get a balanced diet but it’s possible! I don’t know if you eat eggs and dairy, if not you will need to eat a lot of beans and pulses to get your protein. Tofu contains a lot of protein as well as some calcium and iron, and spinach is good for calcium and iron too. I sometimes use Vecon in my cooking, this is a vegetable stock concentrate that contains vitamin B12, B12 usually only comes from animal sources so it is important for vegetarians to find another source of this.

      If you snack on nuts and dried fruit these contain a lot of valuable nutrients too!

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