Rare Tea

A couple of months ago Henrietta, aka the Rare Tea Lady, announced a competition to win some of her teas. All I had to do was send her a photo of me drinking her tea. So I got my flatmate to take some pictures. Unfortunately I had the camera on manual focus, and what with her being as blind as a bat she didn’t realise and the pictures were very blurry! So I ended up doing a self portrait:


Technically I could have done better with the photo by using my UV filter or my polarising filter – the sky is completely washed out and in the colour version of the photo looks white instead of blue. However in the sepia version you can’t really tell. And I look quite pretty. So there.

Anyway, Henrietta liked it and I ended up coming third, and getting to choose three tins of her lovely teas. So now I have jasmine, oolong and some darjeeling. I have been mainlining darjeeling ever since. It dealt pretty well to this morning’s hangover (more on that later).

I do feel slightly guilty about the fact that I didn’t even pay for the tea I am drinking in the photo – Henrietta gave it to me at the Real Food Festival. But that is life for your humble foodblagger correspondent.

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