Big ol’ foody catchup

I arrived back from Vindolanda nearly a week ago now, and have been dying to blog about all of my adventures. But disaster struck, and the gods of BT have decided we need to go through the Labours of Hercules in order to get our internet back and running again. Combine this with the kind of carnage that ensues after being away from work during the final stages of a major project, and you get the picture…

So let’s rewind, and catch up on a few of the things I got up to before I went away.

On a baking hot Sunday (pun intended) I went down to City Hall to see Sarah Kemp from Wild Card PR, who was selling some of the baked goods she had made with the help of a very shiny red Kitchenaid. I tried a tasty Earl Grey lemon cake.

Sarah was selling these at KioskKiosk, a sort of travelling stall set up and run by her boyfriend, Jack Hemingway. It small creative businesses the opportunity to sell their creations rent-free. I resolved to tell all of my designer friends about it. And now I have (are you reading this, Kalman? Orli?).


Children playing in the fountain.

KitchenAid board and cupcakes
The kiosk. Shiiiiny Kitchenaid.

The recipes for all of the cakes Sarah made are in the Kitchenaid 90th anniversary cookbook, and Sarah kindly gave me a copy. I flicked through it eagerly on the Tube on the way home, it is a beautiful book and the recipes look delicious – this was confirmed by the couple craning to read it over my shoulder!

A couple of days later I went out for dinner with Kavey of Kaveyeats and Su-Lin of Tamarind and Thyme at Ten Ten Tei, a Japanese restaurant in Soho. This was the first time I had met either of them, despite earlier attempts to meet up, and they were both lovely. We ordered what seemed like everything on the menu – the grilled mackerel, grilled aubergine with bean sauce, tofu steak, crispy salmon skin were all delicious. When a visiting friend asked me to take her to a Japanese restaurant, I had no hesitation in going back there.



I met Kavey again at the UKFBA stall at Covent Garden, where she was selling a range of sweet treats and jars of goodies from her mum’s recipe site, Mamta’s Kitchen. I bought the Spicy Tomato Ketchup, which disappeared fairly quickly so now I will be consulting the recipe to make some more.

In final foodie news, in a shock internet/real life crossover I teamed up with bloggers BiggestJim and MsMarmitelover to do Allegra McEvedy’s cookalong on the Guardian’s Word of Mouth blog. Usually Jim and I read about each other’s cookalong trials and tribulations in the blog comments, and this was the first time we had done the cookalong in the same kitchen. Underground restaurateur and woman of mystery MsMarmitelover (y’know, if you’re going to have a secret identity I really think it should be “Marmite Woman”) was a cookalong virgin, so it was a real shame for her that unfortunately the Guardian folk were having severe technical difficulties. We really appreciated Suse’s efforts in getting Allegra’s instructions up, and we still had a lot of fun making Allegra’s fritto misto.


And that’s it for my internet time today. I’m off to meet my dear friend Marissa and then work all weekend. Normal systems (according to BT, but they’ve been wrong before…) should resume on Monday!


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