Vindolanda, weekend

We had two days free between our first and second weeks of digging. We had planned a lot of activity, including a trip to Hexham, the local town, a forest walk, and a walk along Hadrian’s Wall. However on the first day we woke up to pouring rain, and had a lazy day inside followed by a quick trip to Hexham.

On the second free day however we hit the wall, walking from Steel Rigg, near the Once Brewed visitor centre, to Housesteads fort – about 3 1/2 miles. We would then catch the Hadrian’s Wall bus back to the visitor centre and walk back to the car from there.

This is one of the most spectacular sections of wall and I took a lot of photos…



A milecastle. These were placed at every Roman mile along the wall, with two turrets in between. Forts were at roughly a day’s march from each other.


Sycamore Gap, otherwise known as the Robin Hood Tree, as the tree was apparently made famous in the Kevin Costner film.



We arrived at Housesteads and looked around the museum before checking the bus timetable and finding the next bus was at 5pm. We got down to the car park where the bus was due at 4:55, only to see the bus whizzing past.

Time for another 3 1/2 mile walk down the road…

Vindolanda pre-dates Hadrian’s Wall so is actually situated about a mile south of the wall itself.

When we saw Sycamore Gap again I knew we were nearly there.

Then it was a final push up a steep hill to where we had parked the car, before I could finally enjoy a well-deserved pint of local ale at the Twice Brewed pub.

4 thoughts on “Vindolanda, weekend

  1. That made excellent reading. I’ve not been to Vindolanda and Housesteads since I was at school, so over 23 years ago! It has reminded me that I really should take my two there sometime.. I keep putting the distance up as an excuse not to to, but if you went up there from London and I’m already half way there, then there’s not really much excuse! My two are members of the YAC and love Roman history (especially the Horrible Histories version!!).

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