The Valley Connection

For dinner one night we went to an Indian restaurant called The Valley Connection in Hexham. It was right next to Hexham Abbey so had lovely views out the window.

The menu boasted that the restaurant was one of the top 10 Indian restaurants in the UK. I took that with a pinch of salt. It contained your standard Indian fare with a selection of slightly more innovative dishes. So I decided on the Tandoori Trout:


It was excellent. We also had a starter of onion bhajis, a side of channa dal and shared a Peshwari naan. The bhajis had the right amount of crunch and the spices in them tasted wonderfully fresh. The chickpeas melted in our mouths. My first bite of naan was from a thicker part of the bread and actually contained some uncooked batter, but the rest of it was divine. It was the best Indian food I’ve had in the UK (that’s counting Tayyabs, where I finally went last week). If that was in the top 10, I’d quite like to seek out the other 9 now!

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