Autumn vegetables

I have often said Autumn is my favourite season. I love the colours, the afternoon light on a sunny day, the crisp mornings, the woolly jumpers.

And the food. My last couple of vegetable boxes have been delicious, albeit with a bit of a glut of carrots, potatoes and sweetcorn. Once I got sick of eating corn on the cob, I made corn fritters, a Friday night favourite since my student days. However the oil got a little overexcited and spat into my face… and then the phone rang, and I ended up with a blister on my cheek! So with the next batch I made corn and chili soup, with a mixture of minced chili and dried chipotles for more depth of flavour.

With some of the potatoes and carrots, I decided to try out a recipe for vegetarian goulash I found in 200 Veggie Feasts, kindly sent to me by the publisher, Octopus.


It was fairly similar to similar vegetable stews I have made in the past – not really the sort of thing I need a recipe for. I am usually a little more generous with the dumplings as I love them. I would normally add some beans for protein as well. There are some nice looking recipes in the book though and I look forward to trying them when the contents of my veg box allow.

I also made a large quantity of butternut squash risotto.


I love butternut squash and have another in my box this week. I want to make something different this time though. Ideas?

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