A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen. Jamie Oliver set up the restaurant in order to train disadvantaged young people to be chefs and give them a start in life. What a fantastic idea. The restaurant is funded through takings, donations and merchandise. Which brings me to why I was there – the launch party for Fifteen’s new knitting kit.


What’s knitting got to do with a restaurant, you ask? Well, the wool in each kit comes from Fifteen’s lamb supplier in Wales. So I think it’s rather fitting!

The food was absolutely divine: (photos courtesy of Stitch and Bitch seeing as I forgot my camera)






The limited edition knitting kit (complete with beautiful wooden needles and patterns) can be purchased here.

3 thoughts on “Fifteen

  1. I remember seeing the programme about Fifteen on Channel 4 (IIRC) – a brilliant concept, but I didn’t realise it was still a going concern. I’m glad you explained about the source of the wool… my immediate question was indeed ‘knitting in a restaurant?’ Te he, a mad concept but it really makes me wish i could knit just to justify getting one of those kits – fab packaging.

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