Some other recent meals:

Butternut squash and caramelised onion galette, from Smitten Kitchen on Kate’s recommendation in my comments.


On Kate’s suggestion I used feta as I couldn’t find fontina. It was delicious, although I think I’d use my own pastry recipe in the future. I already had some leftover caramelised onions in the fridge (I always make large quantities) and had a butternut squash in my veg box, so it was a very handy recipe.


Second up, mussels with fennel, saffron and spinach from A Year In My Kitchen. Also delicious. I’m so glad I bought the book. I used NZ mussels which come frozen on the half shell from Waitrose, but there’s a new fishmonger down the road now so I may go and get some live mussels next time. The fennel was in my veg box, I had to buy the spinach.

Lastly, something truly decadent (Mum, you should probably look away):


Artichoke with butter, parmesan and white wine sauce. It’s probably just as well I don’t eat this sort of thing every day as my arteries would be hard as a rock. That said, accompanied by a couple of glasses of wine it made for an amazing meal, picking off the leaves one by one, dipping them and sucking the tasty flesh out. The parmesan was direct from Italy, where Tommaso’s dad buys it in Reggio. I was practically floating for the rest of the day.

5 thoughts on “Nom

  1. mmmm…butternut squash!

    and thanks for the comment about manuka.
    i usually use it for everything, but this problem has gone beyond a quick smear of honey – am having to bath the area with pure sterile saline solution now.

    won’t go into any more detail as don’t want to put everyone off the yummy gallette!!!


  2. Glad you enjoyed the galette! – The pastry as called for in the recipe is a bit of a nightmare although I do think adding a bit of yoghurt imparts a certain something. I always use wholemeal flour and don’t bother with the repeated chillings – who has time for that?

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