Age of Stupid

Just a quick post to say The Age of Stupid is going to screen on BBC4 tonight at 10pm. The film stars Pete Postlethwaite, was directed by Franny Armstrong of McLibel fame, and was produced by my friend the incredible Lizzie Gillett.

If you didn’t catch the UK cinema release, this is your chance to see this incredible film. I first saw it at a Kiwi Greens screening over a year ago now, and it blew me away. To be completely honest, I fell asleep in An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore giving a very dumbed down powerpoint presentation about stuff everyone knew already and I’d studied years before in uni. Yawn. Stupid on the other hand holds your attention from start to finish. Even if you know all the climate stuff already, it’s the people’s stories that hook you in and keep you there. The two Iraqi refugee kids who mend American cast-off shoes to scrape a meagre living; the Shell oil man turned Hurrican Katrina hero; the smug git of an Indian low-cost airline baron… they are all real people, with incredible stories. Stupid does a really good job of presenting the complexity and urgency of the climate situation, but still holds out hope for the future.

Well this was meant to be a quick post but I could go on about the film for hours. Watch it. Then please tell me what you think.

While we’re on the topic of the climate, I’d like to point you in the direction of my young, gorgeous and talented friend Claire Waghorn. She’s recently started a really excellent blog. She writes brilliantly about the green issues that affect her life, and her blog (and especially the comments) is inspiring. Right now she’s in Copenhagen watching events there unfold, and her commentary makes for very good reading. It’s people like her who are going to save the world… along with people like you and me, of course. Keep it coming, Claire!


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