How to make brussels sprouts yummy!

When I stopped eating meat fifteen years ago I was still a somewhat fussy adolescent eater and there were quite a lot of vegetables I didn’t like much. I found that I started to like different vegetables more and more, and even broccoli, which I once despised, went to the top of my favourite food list. Whether this was just a part of my tastebuds maturing or whether it was a result of my tastes completely changing as a result of my pescatarianism I’m not sure. However one thing remained on the hate list: sprouts. Fortunately I sat next to Dad at supper so was able to shift them onto his plate, occasionally having to swap them for his carrots (honestly, who hates carrots, but loves sprouts?).

I’ve been getting my veg box from Riverford for almost a year now and the one thing I really love about it is that it forces me to eat things I normally wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. Now that sounds a bit strange, but it has really expanded my horizons, and my meal repertoire for that matter. Getting swede three weeks in a row forces you to get creative.

Ditto sprouts. Something I would never in a million years buy from the supermarket. So when they first appeared in my box, I might have groaned a little inwardly… and then I hit Google. I’ve lost the site I found this on so unfortunately can’t credit it, but this, folks, is the yummiest way to prepare sprouts:

1. Heat a bit of olive oil and butter in a pan. Chop your sprouts in half and toss to coat in the fat. Sprinkle with sea salt.*


2. Then place all of your sprouts face down, turn the heat down low and cover with a lid.


3. Cook until the sprouts are soft all the way through and a light brown on the underside.


4. Serve immediately, and sprinkle with some very good Parmesan.


5. Eat. Yum yum YUM. Honest.

* the salt is important, Mum. Salt actually takes away bitterness in food.

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