I couldn’t sleep, I’m too excited. So I thought I’d post my Christmas photos after all. We were four – me, my brother, brother’s girlfriend, girlfriend’s brother (got that?).

Christmas 2009

The finished cake. Richard is a true appreciator of Christmas cake. I discovered this the last time we all spent Christmas together, in New York two years ago. I actually lugged a 4 kilo cake with me. So I had to make one this year.

Christmas 2009

It’s amazing how priorities change as you get older. Breakfast came first, then presents. We usually have croissants, but Cameron requested pancakes, and I made some French toast from some leftover brioche loaf as well.

Christmas 2009

I made stockings. Cameron is holding my attempt at wrapping without wrapping paper – I didn’t buy any this year. I had plenty of fabric scraps so I used those to wrap things that needed wrapping. A stocking is already wrapping anyway!

Christmas 2009

Christmas Dinner was at Richard’s place in Putney. The traditional Jacket Christmas dinner consists of beef curry! No one could tell my why or when this tradition started, but as we’re all good atheists (except for Cam who’s on the fence) I found it delightfully irreverent.


I thought a nice vegetarian option would be Allegra McEvedy’s aubergine and tamarind stew, which is in the Leon cookbook or on the Guardian website. It was delicious. Definitely going into the repertoire.


Were we all at the kids’ table or all at the adults’ table? Christmas dinner was surprisingly light on alcohol, as we all overdid it a bit at breakfast….


Richard and Kate contemplating the sprouts. Unfortunately I failed to convert them.

Dessert came much, much later (about 11:30 pm) and I forgot to take pictures. Cheese and dessert were my responsibility. Cam is allergic to nuts so I didn’t bother with Christmas pudding. I did chocolate chip bread and butter pudding, which is something my aunt in New York always does (and I think I’ve spent more Christmasses there than anywhere else in the world). I also did some spiced baked fruit – figs, pears, peaches, nectarines – which everyone loved. It made for a perfect breakfast this morning too.


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