I’m holed up in freezing cold London, where we had snow on the ground again this morning. My feet want to wander, I’ve been inside since I took the recycling out this morning. But now the sun has disappeared, and it’s really not wandering weather.

I just had a conversation with my German flatmate and her (also German) boyfriend about all of the different words we have for walk: wander, meander, saunter, jaunt, amble, stroll, ramble, maunder, perambulate… you get the picture.

If I was in Sri Lanka right now, I would take a turn around Kandy Lake. And if I did, this is what I might see:






(in case you are wondering, the stranded half of our party did eventually catch up with us, and arrived in Kandy about an hour after we did).

(also, that guy in the fourth picture down? Caught that fish with his bare hands)


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