Sri Lanka, continued…

Because of the mix up with the buses, we didn’t spend as much time in Kandy as planned. This was a shame – Kandy was really lovely, and surprisingly clean and well-kept. However it was also full of touts, which possibly would have driven me nuts had we stayed any longer.

My guide book had quite a lot to say about an “Agro Technology Park” which sounded interesting to visit – it was all about how they grow the various food crops in Sri Lanka (so actually not “agro” at all). Mind you, my guide book was put out by the government and had some interesting views on what I should and shouldn’t see, as well as on the history (some of it very recent) of Sri Lanka. So I didn’t have time to go there, but we did go to the Botanic Gardens, which were beautiful:


Cannonball Tree

Giant Java Willow Tree.

On the way back, the bus dropped us off at the market. I love markets and this one was bustling and full of all sorts of interesting things.




I don’t know if I’m ever going to get through blogging the whole trip… there are so many stories to tell! Someone who’s doing a good job of telling them is Sean, I recommend having a read of his blog. It’s really interesting hearing what other people got up to on the trip too. There’s also a photo pool of the trip here. It has all my photos, as well as some from others who were on the trip.


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