A couple of weeks ago I visited my friend Dan and his girlfriend Jovi in Liverpool. Only now I think I should say “my friends Dan and Jovi” – although I’ve known Dan for donkeys years and Jovi only a year (since they visited me in London this time last year) I feel like I got to know Jovi a lot better this time and poor Dan was possibly feeling a little ganged-up-on by the end of the weekend.

There was another reason for my trip to Liverpool too – I wanted to go to Make, Do and Knit to see the giant knitted poem that I worked so hard on last year. Make, Do and Knit was a new knitting show with a vintage vibe. It was very busy when I arrived – hopefully the show was a success and will run in future years.

I wanted to see the poem because the last time I saw it, I spent some time fixing up a wonky corner to make the poem (hopefully) perfectly square. However the room we were working in wasn’t big enough to lay it out flat. Unfortunately, it wasn’t laid out flat in Liverpool either – it was draped over the pews of the chapel at the venue.



It was still nice to see it.

That evening Jovi cooked an amazing vegetarian lasagne, and then whipped a pavlova out of the fridge. Amazingly, since she’s never eaten a pavlova made by anyone else before, this was pavlova perfection:


The next day we did the obligatory ferry trip on the Mersey:


saw a WWII German U-Boat:


and wandered around. Liverpool is quite small so it’s very walkable. There’s a lot of public art, much of it left over from Liverpool’s year as the Capital of Culture in 2008. Just around from Dan and Jovi’s flat is the rotating wall, possibly the coolest piece of public art I have ever seen. Liverpool is also full of strange creatures called lambananas. Yes, they are a cross between a lamb and a banana. That link takes you to the explanation of the original lambanana, but now they have multiplied and Liverpool is full of hundreds of multicoloured lambananas. It’s absurd and slightly freaky and very, very cool.

This was my favourite though:


All the suitcases have (or had – bad vandals!) name tags representing famous Liverpudlians.

It was a great place to visit. Dan and Jovi may not be in Liverpool for much longer, so I’m looking forward to going to see them wherever they end up next!

3 thoughts on “Liverpool

  1. Liverpool sounds really interesting now! : ) I’m supposed to go to Birmingham later this month, I hope it ends up being at least half as cool… ; )

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