I finally received my copy of Plenty last week. Yotam Ottolenghi’s second book and first solo publication is probably the most hotly anticipated cookbook of the year. What is so fascinating is that the cookbook is entirely vegetarian, but Ottolenghi’s style of cooking vegetables seems to appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

I eagerly flicked through it looking for something I could make from the veg in last week’s box and decided on the leek fritters.

To be completely and utterly honest, it was too much faff for a weeknight supper. You cook the veg, then whisk an egg white and separately make the batter, before combining all three together. The end result didn’t really feel worth the effort and time, and I didn’t even get a decent picture of them.

leek fritters

Compared to the cauliflower fritters from the first book, which I make all the time, I just can’t see myself eating these leek fritters again. Perhaps they’re a harder sell though. Leeks are one of my favourite vegetables and cauli one of my least favourite (they’re all favourites though, I’ve yet to meet a vegetable I don’t like!) so this recipe would have to morph them into something really special to impress me.

So the jury’s still out on Plenty. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other recipes, the black pepper tofu for starters. There’s also no dessert/baking section in this book, which is sad as that was one of the strengths of the first book. Stay tuned though, and hopefully I’ll find something that will make it into my regular repertoire!


3 thoughts on “Plenty

  1. I’ll cross those off my list then. Last night I made the black pepper tofu (it was published on the guardian website) and it was really good. Pretty straightforward and very fiery!

  2. I tried these on Saturday at an al fresco birthday lunch and they were delicious. I didn’t make them though which prob coloured my verdict! The birthday girl had made 3 dishes from Plenty – butter beans with feta and sumac, and stuffed mushrooms with taleggio which were finished on the bbq. Sooo good.

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