Salmon with wild garlic


I made this from a recipe in A Year In My Kitchen. I love Skye Gyngell’s recipes, the flavours are so clean.

I used wild Atlantic salmon, which admittedly is not particularly ethical but I rarely eat salmon. Gyngell has you pan-fry it then transfer it to the oven. While it was finishing I melted some butter and tossed the wild garlic in it until it was wilted.

The sauce is homemade mayonnaise with tarragon, chervil and crème fraiche added. It was absolutely divine with the fish and the wild garlic.

Taking the fish out of the oven I slipped and grazed the heel of my hand with the pan handle. I’ve been pretty lucky so far so this was my worst ever kitchen burn. It hurt like hell but I didn’t want it to ruin my perfectly-timed meal so I quickly plated up and took the above photo before grabbing some ice out of the freezer and wrapping it in my napkin. In the world of food blogging, if you didn’t take a photo of it, you didn’t eat it.

Luckily the pain was almost gone when I woke up in the morning. It’s left quite a scar though. It’s up there with the time I sliced my fingertip off while removing an avocado stone (about fifteen years ago, and I still have a scar – same hand too).

What’s your worst kitchen injury?


2 thoughts on “Salmon with wild garlic

  1. Oh Yum. I too love Skye. Do make her salted cod – I substituted haddock and it was lovely.

    I sliced the tip of my left forefinger very badly when making chutney once. There is still a small patch with no feeling at all, which is fairly useful as it is the exact spot that I push my kitting needle tip with knitting something tightly.

    Bio oil is meant to be very good for burn scars.

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