Black pepper tofu – Plenty

It’s all Ottolenghi, all the time round here at the moment.  The black pepper tofu recipe seems to be near the top of everyone’s list to try from Plenty.  The recipe was first published in the Guardian, so many people have tried it already. I happen to love tofu, so I was very keen to give it a go.

I brought some black pepper back with me from Sri Lanka. It has quite a different flavour from the pepper I’m used to – almost earthy, and slightly smoky. It has a habit of overpowering any food I add it to, but I figured that since the recipe was called black pepper tofu, that wouldn’t exactly be a problem!

black pepper tofu

I reduced the quantities of everything as I was only cooking for one. The recipe calls for eight red chillies. I used two very large red chillies. I think they were fairly mild, which is why I didn’t get the same chilli burn others seem to have experienced. They still added a pleasing warmth to the recipe, and the flavour of the black pepper definitely came through. I have a fairly high spice tolerance though, so I perhaps next time I make it I’ll use a flatmate as a control (they’re generally quite game for my kitchen experiments). I also didn’t have any sweet soy sauce, so I just added extra light soy sauce. Now that I know I love the recipe, sweet soy sauce is on the shopping list.

black pepper tofu

Just writing about this recipe makes me want to go out and buy some more tofu. It tasted incredible. Because I’m lazy, I ate it with noodles, but it would have been even better with rice. Next time I make it, I might try it with regular black pepper, but I still have plenty from Sri Lanka too.

A quick Google search revealed several others who have tried the black pepper tofu recipe:
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If you want to try it, the recipe is on the Guardian website here.


5 thoughts on “Black pepper tofu – Plenty

  1. Yum! I made this (with reduced amounts of chilli) for a work pot-luck this evening, and it was a HUGE success 🙂 So thanks for the inspiration!

  2. While we are dealing with items within the vicinity of Black pepper tofu – Plenty fingers and toes, All peppers provide rich amount of vitamin C. But chili peppers contain an additional substance, called capsaicin which provides several health benefits such as effective treatment and natural pain relief for inflammation such as arthritis, psoriasis, diabetic neuropathy.It also reduce risk of heart attack and stroke as it helps to reduce cholesterol levels and formation of blood clots.

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