Japanese Portobello Pepper Steak

I got some portobello mushrooms in my last veg box, and decided to try this recipe which had come highly recommended by my friends Jenny and Meg. First, the whole mushrooms are marinated in a mixture of Japanese condiments. Then they are coated in pepper and seared, before being sliced and cooked in the marinade until the whole thing is a sticky, delicious mess:


I managed to refrain from eating the whole lot so I had some to put in my clever new bento box for lunch the next day:


The box, by Aladdin (and purchased from Amazon), can be microwaved in the morning before work and then keeps your food warm until lunchtime. It seems to work. Since I’m doing a lot of out-of-office work at the moment it’s coming in very handy.


4 thoughts on “Japanese Portobello Pepper Steak

  1. oh my gosh sarah – fron the land of dahl, dahl and more dahl, i am positively drooling at these latest recipes … and your bento box looks awesome! xxx

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